Survey Results

We present your results in two ways, Aggreate and Individual. You have options to download your results. Downloadable results also include meta information, like response time. You may also create response filters, which are a great way to gather insight into your data. Using response filters, you can find out what all the people who answered "Strongly Agree" to question #1 think about the rest of your survey. You may also use response filters to group your responses by date or e-mail.

Aggregate Results

The aggregate results try to group your data in a meaningful way. For example, a yes/no question will show you that 73% answered yes and 27% answered no. If we are not able to group the data in any meaningful way - for example open answer questions - we will show you the percent who responded and the percent that did not respond.

The aggregate results also point toward "other" responses, those who skipped any given question, as well the ability to create graphs for certain questions.

Individual Results

Your individual results list each individual's response. In the case that you have more than 20 responses, we will only show the first 20 responses to each question and you may view all responses on a by question basis [1]. If you have more than 20 responses we will provide a link where you can view all responses on a question by question basis.

For each question, each respondent is the same. That is, respondent 5 in question #6 is respondent 5 in question #23. You can pick out a single individual's responses to get an idea about how they responded to the entire survey instead of just single questions.

[1] This is done to keep your browser from crashing for larger survey with many results. SurveyShare can keep up with a larger number of results and many users have conducted surveys gathering 10,000 responses or more.

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